Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking it out. I'm starting this blog for one particular reason. I enjoy writing and hope that some people will find some semblance of enjoyment of my posts. I have a fairly diverse set of interests and will see if writing about them will be agreeable to some people. Please feel free to make comments and we will see where this goes.


  1. Hey Casey, Welcome to the world of blogging. As an aside this is also my first experience in blogworld. I do have one major nit to pick, let's get that out of the way up front: Casey, lad, you any anything/everything but "AVERAGE". No way, no how, never!

    Re: the NBA v NBA Players: in a word: who cares? Sorry that was two words, I just hope that the survival of the NBA is not important to you. Regrettably I have come to feel much the same about all professional sports in their current and probable future iterations: sports - nope, they are merely show biz with a common bottome line $$$$$$$.

    Suggestion: do a piece on the degredation of the game of professional football. We oldtimers (I know it is presumptuous to speak for anyone other than myself, but have had this conversation with other seasoned citizens who agree.) have a very difficult time continuing to watch NFL these days. The nit picking rules, the dreaded review of everything it seems*, the grandstanding obnoxious players. Ugh.

    *IMHO the game is played in real time, let the officiating also be done in real time. Otherwise one may as well play Madden instead of watching NFL.

    The Steel shooting sounds awesome. What weaponry was in use?

    Keep it coming, Casey!

    PS Thanks to your Pops for forwarding your blog link to me!!!

    Cuz Tiff

  2. Thanks for the comments Cousin Tiff.

    As for the NBA, I have to say that I really do not care for it anymore because the Sonics that I grew up watching were effectively stolen from Seattle. I really believe that the NBA model is broken and needs to be fixed. I know that the owners are trying to address the problems and I really think that if the players understood what goes into running a business, they might realize how lucky they are.

    Regarding the NFL, I appreciate the suggestion. I will have to ponder on it and see if I can come up with a position that I believe would be thought provoking.

    For the Steel Challenge, I used my Springfield Armory XDM .40 caliber pistol. It is a 4.5" pistol with a match grade barrel and trigger. I purchased it awhile ago to shoot for fun and to keep with me when I was walking in some woods that were pretty infested with Cougars. The reason I have the .40 caliber is because it has a better velocity for taking down an animal, which I hope I have to never do but would if the event requires it. I really want to switch to a 9mm Springfield XDM competition because it is a little better for shooting competitively and the ammunition is considerably cheaper.